Beginner’s guide for SEO freelancers

on 1-11-2016

Beginner’s guide for SEO freelancers

When it comes to becoming a freelancer, most people feel reticent, believing that this is not the best solution for a full time job. However, if that person truly believes this is what best suits his or her needs, creates a well-organized schedule and sticks to it, there are high chances to make a living from freelancing. It is true that at first it might be hard to make the way through the marketplace, taking into account that many highly qualified  SEO freelancers have cornered the market, but with some effort and a little bit of talent, everything can become possible and finding SEO jobs might not be so hard.  Some steps need to be followed in order to succeed in this career.

What does SEO mean after all?

First, in order to be able to enter this world, a beginner needs to know exactly what this term means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is used to explain the process through which a freelancer ranks on Google, Bing etc. certain sites from his clients as high as possible, using some specific keywords that other people use when searching for something on various search engines.

The four SEO basics

  1. One important element of Search Engine Optimization is keyword research. This process implies sorting out the good keywords from the bad ones that help the site rank on search engines. The freelancer needs to select relevant key terms that people will use when searching for something.
  2.  Another element is the competitive analysis. This one is probably the most important element in SEO, because in this way, you, as a freelancer, have to look at your client’s competitors on the market in order to determine what keywords need to be used. Through this process, you establish the strong and weak points of your client’s site and focus more on those that are doing well.
  3. On-site analysis is the third important component. Bear in mind that there are two types of analysis: on site and off site. The first one implies the things you are able to control on your site, such as page titles, content, meta data and so on. Off-site implies the things you cannot control, which are mostly links that come from other sites.
  4. Finally yet importantly, link building is the fourth element. Having more high quality links tied to your site helps you have a better ranking.

Finding SEO jobs

One of the best places to find work is on online recruitment platforms. Some of these sites even allow members to upload their projects in order to make their work known to the public and increase the chances for a potential employer to hire freelancers. Another method is to create a personal site where to expose these projects, and even promote the site on social networks. In this way, more means of communication are covered.

These are only a few basics you need to know when entering this world of SEO. However, it is important to document even more to become one of the best freelancers on the market.