Best bathroom remodelling trends in 2017

on 5-16-2017

Best bathroom remodelling trends in 2017


From time to time, a fresh start goes a long way. The same rule applies in remodelling’s case as well. It is necessary to give your entire home as well. If you plan to update your living room or bedroom, make sure to include your bathroom in the process as well, because it might make quite a difference. An if you want to have amazing results, make sure to consider a collaboration with a team of bathroom designers Sheffield located. They will make sure that the results accomplished are accordingly with your highest demands. However, let’s see what stunning bathroom designs will be hype in 2017.

Statement furniture

Oh, you haven’t thought of integrating an amazing sink in your bathroom, an ottoman or an exquisite chair in your bathroom. Them you should start now. Because all those reputable designers you plan to collaborate with seem to all agree on the fact that these elements will be quite on a wave this year. In you lack the space for a luxurious chair, consider a small ottoman, in a great design, pattern or fabric. It will truly make a difference.

A vanity table

You love your makeup, you love your styling products, and your bedroom is oh, so small for integrating a vanity table? Well pimp up your bathroom with one, while giving yourself and beauty products the well-deserved space you need. A small stool will work wonders, and you will get rid of the mess in your bedroom generated by the limited space.

Swirly Mediterranean tiles

Yes, we love them both. They give a romantic air, a vacation appearance and they will make a great difference if you constantly think of that time you were in Greece. Also, there seems to be some hype surrounding these tile patterns. Designers know best and they strongly encourage us to consider those as an alternative to the boring, regular tiles.

Dark walls

Dark walls were always quite intriguing, even for those who weren’t particularly thrilled about the idea of painting their walls black. But fact is, dark coloured walls give a truly classy air to a fairly simple bathroom. Contrasting walls also work wonders, thus, consider one of the two options and implement it with your team of designers.

Discuss these ideas with your team of professional designers and see what their opinion is. Establish an action plan and give your old bathroom a fresh start.