Car hire: what are the eligibility requirements?

on 3-21-2017

Car hire: what are the eligibility requirements?


In most parts of the Manchester, hiring a car is a basic necessity. Large numbers of people are choosing now to rent their vehicles. Why? Because it’s more affordable to do so. Let’s say that you need to get to the airport with your family. Instead of getting a taxi, for which you’ll pay a fortune, it’s better to choose an airport transfer service. Pickup and drop off is set up in advance and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Even the cheapest car rental Manchester airport provides you peace of mind. When it comes to car rental though you have to meet certain criteria. No matter where you are planning to go, rental car requirements may affect your vehicle reservation. Here are the main eligibility requirements.

You need a full driving license

If you want to rent a car, you have to have a full driving license. Simply put, if you hold a provisional driving license, you cannot rent a vehicle in the United Kingdom. The good news though is that you don’t need hours of driving practice or lessons to become eligible to apply for a full license. If there’s no time for you to take the driving test, then it’s a good idea to count on someone in the family who has a full license. Better yet, opt for a car rental service with driver.

You have to be at least 21 years old

Renting a car is not possible for those who are 21 years old. If you’re older, say 25, you can reserve a vehicle. The only problem is that you’ll pay more. Rental companies charge what is known as a young driver surcharge. Chances are that you’ll have to prove that you have experience on the road. This is not good news for young families. There are restrictions for seniors too. More precisely, those who are a little bit older, over 75, are not considered trustworthy.

You can’t have penalty points

You’d be tempted to think that having penalty points on your license is not a big deal. Well, it is. Some rental agencies are very strict when it comes to such matters. You’ll not be allowed to take the car out for a ride if you have penalty points on your license. You may be allowed to book a ride, but only under certain circumstances. Call the company and find out what criteria they use.