Clear the clogged sink drains ASAP

on 3-17-2017

Clear the clogged sink drains ASAP

Everyone has dealt at a point in his or her life with a clogged sink drain. The majority of people get into this situation, because they ignore the warning signs. The sink takes a long time to drain and you should not wait until you see water around your feet in the bathroom. The odour is one of the signs you will probably notice, so if you want to avoid a messy situation, it is advisable to call a company that offers Drain Clearance London as soon as possible, because it is better to fix the issue before you find water floating all around your house. In case you do not call the experts in time, one day boom your drain will be completely blocked and we hope it is not in the night, when you want to have a shower before having a fun date with your friends. But, if it is too late to take precautions, then here are some tips to help you clear the drain.


You will need some tools

A clogged sink is not what you have planned to deal with in the night, but now you have to clear it. So you will need two simple tools, a snake and a plunger, they are not expensive, and you can find them at the local store. Also you may want to have at hand a plastic bin, a good flashlight and rubber gloves, because the situation will get messy and you do not want to spread the dirt all over your bathroom.

Clear the blockage with the plunger

Before doing this you will have to hold a wet cloth over the sink, because you will have to seal it. Now you can set the plunger over the drain and you will have to plunge up and down for a few seconds. In case the issue is not fixed, you should plunge the drain.

You have to clean the p-trap

It is important to disassemble the trap. In the majority of cases clogs occur in the P-trap, so you should check it. You can try to intensive plug it, but in case the problem does not disappear, then you should remove it and clean it. It is important to sponge the water from the sink, because you want to reduce the flow under the sink. Make sure to place a pan underneath, because dirty water will flow from the sink.