How Bespoke Adhesive Tape Can Improve Product Performance

on 2-24-2017

How Bespoke Adhesive Tape Can Improve Product Performance


It’s not until you make the switch to the highest quality adhesive products on the market that you really gain an understanding of the true advantages of doing so. Across an extraordinary range of industry settings – particularly those that involve product manufacturing – custom adhesives are starting to be relied on as the primary or perhaps exclusive method of joining materials, where traditional joining methods would previously have been turned to. From mechanical fixings to traditional welding and so on, custom adhesive products and the 3M preferred converters producing them are revolutionising the way many industries get the job done.

Of course, there will always be those who are somewhat reluctant to instigate such changes, given the way in which their current approach to joining materials may have been working just fine for so many years or decades.  Nevertheless, this is exactly the kind of instance wherein just as soon as you have experienced the advantages first hand, there really is no going back.

So for those still on the fence about making the switch to a professional adhesive products, here’s a rundown of just a few of the ways in which the right products really can improve manufacturing performance:

  1. The first of all, there is the way in which the use of custom adhesive products positively contributes to weight reduction. In any instance where it is desirable to minimize product weight, adhesives for obvious reasons add considerably less weight to the final product than mechanical fixings.  They are also suitable for working with thinner and lighter materials in general than those that would be compatible with mechanical fixings.
  2. Another distinct benefit of manufacturing products using the very best adhesives is the way in which the resulting bond is resistant to both fatigue and vibration. Not only this, but the very properties of the adhesives themselves can actually play an active role in damping and reducing vibration and acoustic noise. Once again therefore, depending on the purpose of the product being manufactured, custom adhesives could be highly advantageous.
  3. Something else to bear in mind is the way in which joining materials using a custom adhesive doesn’t just create a bond, but also an extremely effective protective shield. Where there would normally be inevitable gaps and irregularities between the surfaces, a quality adhesive can fill these in flawlessly. The result is the inability for dirt, water and other potentially harmful elements to find their way into the gaps, summarily compromising the quality of the bond.
  4. Another way in which adhesives excel above and beyond conventional joining methods is the way in which they distribute stress along the line of the bond in a uniform and consistent manner. With conventional joining techniques, the relatively small area directly around where the fixings are used is solely responsible for maintaining the bond and handling all stress. In the case of custom adhesive products, it is distributed across the entire length and width of the surface to be joined, resulting in a much more durable and reliable bond.
  5. While all custom adhesive tapes are manufactured with entirely different properties, it is nonetheless possible to create adhesive tapes that are capable of bonding entirely dissimilar and perhaps even challenging materials. In instances where conventional joining methods and mechanical fixings would be inappropriate or impossible to use, the right adhesive products can make the job significantly simpler.
  6. Another point to consider is the way in which the elastic properties of high quality adhesive tapes can prove effective in absorbing shock and providing a level of flexibility, in order to enhance reliability and durability. From impact to vibration to thermal expansion and contraction alike, an outstanding adhesive tape can offer a high level of protection.
  7. Last but not least, the fact that bespoke adhesive tape is perhaps the single simplest joining method to work with presents benefits that are largely self-explanatory. When compared to each and every comparable method of joining, the use of adhesives in general is significantly faster, easier, safer and can be significantly more cost-effective. It is simply a case of working with the best in the business in the first place, in order to ensure that the products you are provided with are equally market-leading in quality.