How can you make your family business successful?

on 11-21-2016

How can you make your family business successful?

According to studies, there are many people who are afraid of starting a family business, due to the fact that the whole family depends on this and the responsibly is high. But it can be the best alternative for making more money. Not to mention the fact that when you the manager of a business, you can make your own program and you will not depend on others. On the other hand, specialists from this domain claim that those who work for themselves have the tendency to be more productive and careful.


And if you are afraid that something can go wrong, you should know that there is always a solution for this thing. You can use dst funds in order to change your business with something else. But firstly, there are a few things that you will have to know about this concept. Here they are the most important things.


DST comes from Delaware Statutory Trusts and it can be considered a separate legal entity with a great flexibility when it comes to both design and operation. In short, this program can be used for what is called the concept of tax-deferring. The main advantage of using dst funds is that you can monthly benefit from cash flow, when it comes to high quality properties and you also have the possibly to have a fresh new start for your business. But this is not all. There are other benefits, but also rules and mistakes when it comes to this thing.

Two important rules of using 1031exchange properties


  • You can change only properties which are used for business purposes. But if you decide to change your company with a house which is used for renting in a famous holiday destination, you can spend some time there. The rule says that you do not have to use the business place for your own purpose more than 50% of the time. But nobody can blame you if you spend a weekend or a week in your new vacation house.
  • You do not have to look for a business which is exactly like yours, but you should look for something which has the same value. And if you are not able to find something like that, you can ask for a certain amount of the money from the owner who is interested in doing the exchange. But, be careful because you are not allowed to use the money in your own purpose. You should invest them in the property that you receive for building something or for renovating it.

Mistakes which people do when it comes to 1031 exchange properties


  • They do not ask for help. In order to use this modern concept of business which can make you and your business successful, you should appeal to a company that deals with this stuff because the most complicated part is the one which is related to documents.
  • They do not choose the right properties. Because of the fact that they rush themselves in getting rid of the old business and also of the taxes, they do not think clearly and they invest in something which has higher maintenance costs.