How to decorate your baby’s nursery

on 6-05-2018

How to decorate your baby’s nursery

You’re expecting. Congrats. It’s a glorious time in your life. Having a baby for the very first time offers immense joy and unexplainable happiness. When you’re expecting, there are plenty of things to do, including decorating the nursery. When it comes to the world of new-born baby nurseries, it’s easy to get lost. The following tips are for mamas-to-be who are searching for answers.


Buy a crib

Do you even need a crib? Of course, you do. Little ones should have their own sleep surface. A crib is regulated, not to mention that it’s the safest sleeping environment. The baby will spend more time here than anywhere else. Some children sleep in their cribs for more than 3 years. When buying a crib, you have to take into consideration comfort, as well as safety. Ensure that the crib is safe. Shake the furniture in the store. Should it be unsteady, then the crib must have been assembled improperly. The mattress should be high density. Thickness doesn’t matter as much as density.

Add a spectacular ribbon mobile

You’ll need something to hang over the crib and there is nothing better than a ribbon mobile. You can utilize any material you have on hand, including PP ribbon. It’s better to create the mobile yourself rather than buy it. Grab a metal hoop and paint it in a bright colour. If you don’t want to paint the hoop, then that is just fine. Cut the ribbon that you have into pieces that measure 18″. You can vary the length and add PP bows so as to add interest to the mobile. Now that the decorative material is cut you can begin looping. Tie the ribbons in a knot. It’s as simple as that.

Decide on the colour palette

Picking the right colour palette can be tricky. It’s recommendable to keep things neutral, no matter if you’re ready to welcome a boy or a girl. You can change the colour scheme later on if that is what you really want. Select as many colours or tones you want, just make sure that the outcome is a pleasant one. Stick to 3 colours or tones. One of them can be bold and the other ones soft or muted. Examples of colour palettes include, but aren’t limited to, lilac, grey, and indigo; fawn, mint and off-white.

Ensure everything is within immediate reach

Essentials, such as diapers, wipes, poop bucket and pacifiers, should be within immediate reach of the changing table. You’ll not want to step away from the baby. What could possibly happen? Well, the child might roll off while you’re struggling to grab something. The point is that everything you need should be within arm’s reach.