natural light in an apartment

How to get a natural lighting apartment

Let’s face it: most of the time, the common issue is how to make your apartment look wide, spacious and full of light when it is in fact quite small. But what happens when you have a large apartment? It is a dream come true to have dozens of square meters at your disposal, but a large space also has its challenges, particularly in terms of lighting. One would think that if you live on the fifth floor and you have large, glass windows, then you don’t have to do anything special. This is not true at all. In fact, designers warn us that you have to be very careful, because the challenge lies in controlling all this light, converting it into a flowing stream which leads wherever you want to. The concept of light works hand in hand with the one of space, because a well lit space will always look wider, larger than it really is. Similarly, a dark room is perceived by the human eye as being smaller, although this is nothing but an illusion. For this reason, the feeling of continuity should be kept in every step of the re-designing project. You should use the brightest of colors, white – it is the ideal base to integrate the other fabrics and colors.

living-room-green-whiteWhite is one of the essential factors in keeping continuity. Next, the entire illuminating system should be a design project in itself, because you have to obtain that specific kind of light you need. A great idea is to draw vertical lines on the walls and place long, slim objects as decorations, to enhance the width of space and the height of the ceiling. The idea of connecting the kitchen with the living room also helps you simplify space. A special project is the creation of a long piece of furniture that starts at the entrance with the mirror, continues with the dinner table section and in the end becomes a TV set support, thus uniting the different needs and functions of the apartment into one coherent, integrated structure.

feinberg-new-master-bedroomAs far as color goes, you should choose natural colored raffia, white mixed with neutral colored shades. Black, matte oak contrasts perfectly with these bright tones to create a balanced ambiance. For best results, use only a single wood essence, this black oak combined with glossy white lacquer. This game of textures and black & white contrasts transforms furniture pieces into true works of art, but in a fine, discreet manner, after the less is more decorating principle. With this in background, the print of the drapes and wallpaper pop out, in a geometry that matches the lines of the whole apartment. If you want to boost your natural lighting apartment, choose a bed design inspired from the look of ’30-’40 cars, especially the padded vertical plate. Also, don’t forget about the huge mirror with upholstered frame in the main bedroom. This way, the light will look like it’s coming from both east and west and you’ll have your own sunset or sunrise no matter where you look.