How to make your daughter wear the abaya

on 5-08-2017

How to make your daughter wear the abaya


Women Saudi Arabia have to put on a robe-like dress, namely the abaya. They are expected to wear the abaya both at home and in public. Women have no choice. They have to wear the black cloak. The dress code for women is pretty strict, as you can see. But what about Muslim women living in America? They have the power to do whatever they like. Even if they are not forced to wear conservative clothes, they do.  You may ask why. Well, they choose to cover themselves to express their faith and identity. No wonder more and more American women buy abayas online.

Do you want your daughter to wear the abaya too? Convincing her to wear a long clock will not be easy. She has grown up in a country obsessed with the idea of freedom. It will be difficult, but it will not be impossible. Check out our tips.

Start the abaya conversation from an early age

It is true that children are mostly influenced by their peers, music, and movies, but this does not mean that the parents’ influence is less strong. Even though they will not admit to it, kids treasure their parents’ words. If you want to convince your daughter to wear the abaya, start the conversation at a young age. Waiting until your child reaches the age of adolescence is not a good idea. Adolescents love independence. They make their own decisions and do not even listen to their closest friends. So, have the talk at an early age. You will surely be able to get through to your daughter.

Make her understand the importance of the abaya in Islam culture

It is important that you explain to your daughter that the abaya is not a simple piece of clothing. It is a sign of respect and dignity. Wearing the abaya provides a woman a sense of independence and respect. But your child has no way of knowing that. Take the time and explain to your daughter just how important the robe-like dress is.

Set an example: wear the abaya yourself

How do you expect your daughter to wear an abaya if you do not wear one? Set a good example and wear the cloak, at least when you are at home. You will be surprised to see how much you can accomplish with the power of example. Wear your abaya and wear it proudly.