How to tell if your dog is sick

on 7-30-2018

How to tell if your dog is sick

Your dog is part of family but unfortunately he is not able to tell you if he is sick, so you have to pay attention to any sign and to be informed if that is a sign that he is sick. In case you notice the signs in time you will be able to come in their rescue, and to take them to the vet to receive the needed treatment. When it comes to animals a few hours can make the difference, because in the majority of cases people notice that something is wrong when the animals feel really bad. The majority of health issues have the same signs, they do not want to eat, they do not want to play, and they want just to sleep. In case your dog loves to sleep you should not worry, because this can be part of their personality, but in case he is an active dog, and now he only wants to sleep, you should consider it a sign of a health issues.


If your dog seems a bit “off”

When they are adults dogs are consistent when it comes to their behaviour, so if one day they show signs that they have a different habit, then you should keep them under surveillance. Specialists from vet clinic, dyreklinikk nittedal state that if you notice that they seem to be in a bad mood you should take them to a specialist to check if they are healthy. If their behaviour changes, it is a sign that the dog is not feeling well. If your dog eats more than usually, then this is a good reason to see a vet because they may suffer from a health issue.

If the dog is snappy or grumpy

The majority of dogs are active and happy to have people around, but if you notice that one day they are snappy or grumpy, then this is a sign that something is bothering them. These changes in the dog’s behaviour are a sign that they experience discomfort or pain, and you should pay attention to these aspects. Specialists like veterinær nittedal state that when a dog is not acting as usually it is a sign that they need to be checked for health issues or they need training to correct that behaviour.

The dog refuses to eat

The majority of dogs are food-centric and they do not refuse food, especial if we are talking about their favourite. So if you notice that one day they lost their appetite then you should get in touch with the veterinarian to ask for directions on what to do. There are times when the dog gets bored of eating the same type of food, so before going to the vet you should try to offer them other type of food.

The dog is coughing

Dogs cough or sneeze sometimes, and there is no reason to worry, but if you notice that they are doing it the entire day, then this is a sign of illness. There are times when coughing is a sign of heart health issue or a sign of infection.