Practical guide – Picking the right harness for your pup

on 4-07-2017

Practical guide – Picking the right harness for your pup

A happy pup is a safe pup, and this should be the first thing to consider when picking a leash, collar or harness for them. After all, they are you trusty companions and loyal friends, and you want to make sure you do your best for them. Some claim that the fleece linen dog harnesses are the best, bet below we will analyse more options for making it easier for you to choose.


Soft, yet sturdy fleece harnesses

The great thing about these products is that they offer increased control levels you have on your pup, a better pressure distribution than a leash has, and they are manufactured carefully enough to assure proper levels of comfort, seamless sews and an overall great experience for both you and your pup. The fabrics generally used for these harnesses are hypoallergenic, in order to prevent rashes on the sensitive skin of your companion whilst they assure increased durability and sturdiness. This way, a harness like this will surpass the expectations in terms of lifespan. Make sure you pick a proper dimension for your pup, in order to be comfortable enough and enjoy their walks. Before ordering such products, you should measure your dog in two points, one on the chest, 7 inches away from their legs, and the second, from the centre of their chest and around the base of their neck. Always check the size charts the manufacturer has, because the sizes depend from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Back-clip harnesses

These canine products are some of the most agreeable for you pup and you as well. They are easy to put on and wear; the leash has no chances to tangle under their legs, and they are particularly great for dogs with delicate neck areas, offering increased levels of protection.

Front-clip harnesses

These ones are more appropriate for large dogs, because they offer increased levels of control to the owner. They are secured on the dog’s chest and many prefer them because this lessens the dog’s pulling action. Although this is a great option for many dogs, the owners of dogs with great behaviour issues are less likely to control them properly.

Although there are plenty of alternatives, experts say that fleece lined harnesses are perfect for dogs of all sizes. Make sure you research the market well before ordering one, however.