Pregnancy and labiaplasty – What to expect?

on 9-06-2017

Pregnancy and labiaplasty – What to expect?

While no young woman thinks about the aesthetics of their private areas when getting pregnant, there takes place a phenomena that all women who gave birth are willing to admit: pregnancy and childbirth can affect the way in which you labia minor looks. And while many are prepared to take this risk, just as many women find themselves unpleased with the aesthetic coordinate. This contributes to a general poor well-being after giving birth. Postpartum depression and the feeling of not looking just as desirable as before the pregnancy will worsen a woman’s mental state. Because of these reasons, many fresh mothers choose to undergo a labiaplasty surgery as a correction form.


The psychological and physical factors that motivate the surgery

A woman might want to undergo such a surgery for reducing the anxiety or embarrassment caused by enlarged or deformed labia minor. There is also a physical reason for which women may want to have a surgery of this kind performed on themselves. During physical activities, the woman may experience discomfort and difficulties even with fairly easy tasks. Also, irritation and skin burn may appear, leading to further discomfort.

What impact does pregnancy has on labia minor?

Due to the increase of certain hormones and this usually leads to swollen and enlarged labia minor. After the level of hormones decreases, the labia usually return to the previous form. But in some cases, especially when the women gave birth multiple times, it may become permanent. In these cases, an appointment at a Centre For Surgery will tell you if you are an appropriate candidate for this type of surgery. Childbirth itself can also stretch and tear the labia, and you may be a perfect candidate if you find yourself in a similar situation as well.

The labiaplasty surgery

All women must know that this surgery cannot be performed while still pregnant. It is advisable to give birth and wait a certain amount of time before deciding to have one performed. This happens because childbirth may tear the relatively new surgery and because the increased amount of hormones that may cause labia enlargement during pregnancy will certainly drop and the labia may become naturally smaller after giving birth. If you still consider that you need this type of surgery after giving birth, make an appointment at a specialised medical facility and let the specialists there assess your situation and what further steps should be taken.

Labiaplasty results

All women who undergo this type of surgery are pleased with the results. Many claim that having this type of surgery allowed them to enjoy their lives more and get rid of the embarrassment they experienced before. Generally, women who undergo a labiaplasty are happier and more pleased with various aspects of their lives.

These are some of the most important considerations on labiaplasty and pregnancy. Make sure to find a reliable medical facility, with skilled surgeons, surgeons that are able to deliver the best results.