Ribbon decorations that can beautify your home

on 7-24-2017

Ribbon decorations that can beautify your home

Although ribbon is mostly used for gift wrapping, and perhaps for Christmas decorating, this element can also be incorporated in numerous home decorations. With a bit of imagination and some basic DIY skills, you can create with ribbon some wonderful decorative elements for your interior design. The market stands at your disposal with plenty of ribbon styles, patterns and colours, including floristry ribbon UK, so finding a few options to suit your personal taste will not be difficult at all. You can use the following ideas for starters, and perhaps come up with others that might suit your interior décor best:


 Ribbon backdrop for your bedroom

A way in which you can make your bedroom a bit more colourful and chic is by creating a ribbon backdrop, which you can then place being the frame of your bed. The effect created will be a wonderful one, and your room will instantly gain a splash of colour, influencing positively the rest of the décor. This project is easy to do, all you will need are long strips of ribbons, in the colours of your choice, which you can then tie around a wooden pool.

Ribbon photo frame

You can beautify an old and rusty frame by simply accessorizing it with this decorative supply. Using a piece of grosgrain or satin ribbon, cover the edges of the photo frame, and use another piece to design a bow, which you can then glue on the top side of the frame. Repeat the steps with as many photo frames as possible, and create a wall photo collage. The ribbon will give these items a unique and appealing touch.

Ribbon wreaths

Wreathes are a fun and easy DIY project that you will love to handle. The ribbon version of this decorative element is even more appealing, and when placing it on your front door, you will give your house a stylish touch right from the entrance. Make sure to use as many patterns and colours as possible, for the end results to be as spectacular as you desire.

Being such a versatile decorative element, ribbon can be incorporated in numerous home decorations that will make your interior stand out. Without putting too much effort into creating these elements, you will be able to design some great pieces for your décor. Besides the ideas mentioned above, there are plenty others you can opt for, and with a quick search on the internet, you will find all the inspiration you need.