Simple ways of making your nights in the garden more pleasant

on 12-15-2016

Simple ways of making your nights in the garden more pleasant


Have you seen on social media pictures with flowers taken at the moonlight? When looking at your garden you might want to catch on film similar pictures, because there are so many flowers you have planted. But when trying to do this you might find it difficult, because you cannot spend time outside house during nighttime, because there are a lot of bugs which would sting you, and you would not have the mood of taking pictures. Also, you would notice that some of the flowers you have in the garden do not bloom during nighttime, or the color of their flowers does not look good on film in the moonlight. Well, the first problem you can easily solve, because you only have to read some bug zapper reviews, because the only way of killing the bugs population from your garden is to install a bug zapper.

How to make my garden interesting at night?

The majority of people spend time in their garden because they are looking for a way to relax after a busy day. So if you want to spend your nights in the garden, you should make sure that it is an interesting environment and it is pleasant at sight. You might not know but people find pleasant to watch flowers under moonlight, so if you want to benefit from some pleasant moments you should consider the color of the flowers you plant. If you plant white flowers they would pop under moonlight, but for an out-standing effect, you should choose yellow flowers. Also, you can choose some plants which have silvery grey leaves, because they would shine in the darkness, and you would like to see the combination between yellow and silver shades. If you want to make the flowers stand out you should plant colored flowers in the front of dark green bushes, or in the shade of a big tree. For an impressive effect, you can include light colored rocks as stepping stones, decomposed granite and gravel.

Get rid of the bugs population

After you manage to design your garden in such a way to make it pleasant at sight, you should consider the other impediment of staying out. You would have to exterminate the bug population from around your house, in order to spend a lot of time outdoors during night. The best way to do this is to invest in a few electric bug zappers, because they come in the form of decorative items, and they would also improve the look of your garden. What you should know from the beginning is that you have to install the bug zapper at a certain distance from the area where you have installed the outdoor furniture, because it would attract all the insects towards it, and you might not want to be around. The majority of bug zappers are similar in design, but they might vary in weight and dimensions, so you have to consider your preferences and choose one suitable for your space.