Top bedroom decorating styles

on 12-05-2012

Top bedroom decorating styles

If you have been thinking about redecorating your bedroom but you have absolutely no idea on what style to go for, you came to the right place! Creating a bedroom that is functional, beautiful and comfortable is a challenge so in order to achieve this, just take a look at these inspirational bedroom styles.




Contemporary style bedroom

contemporary-bedroom-decor-ideasIf you fancy the idea of having a contemporary bedroom style, you don’t have to worry of having to redecorate the whole room. The good thing is that this style is very modern, although it first came about during 20’s, at some point in the modernist movement. You can never go wrong with this style as long as you focus on the pieces of furniture, which are the most prominent aspects in this design. You need a bed, a nightstand and a dresser. You can go for a sleigh bed, a platform bed, which is simple and elegant, or even a daybed, which works great for a small sized bedroom. However, the bed style must be compact and it should provide enough space to accommodate the other pieces of furniture. Remember that the integration of technology and a responsible use of environmental resources are important features of this design. To this extent, every contemporary bedroom style should include cutting-edge media equipment, dressers and chests for storage and natural window treatments. Limit accessories and items that don’t have a specific function and try to include environmental-friendly products, such as paints without volatile organic compounds, natural wood floors or carpets made from recyclable materials.


Asian style bedroom


The Asian style is simple to design and it makes your bedroom look very comfortable. In order to obtain this look, you just have to find pieces of furniture that are black or brown. Another popular Asian style furniture material is bamboo, which adds a light color tint to your bedroom décor. When it comes to bedding, it is important to create a simple Asian look and make sure that your bed highlights the main colors that you want to dd to your décor. You can use cream colors as well as brown, red, green and even black to your bed and add prints and paisley patterns to make it more comfortable. Complete the loo with some small throw pillows, round, rectangle and square shaped pillows. Furthermore, you should pay attention to carpeting, especially Oriental rugs, which you can use to incorporate the color in your décor. You can add antiques handcrafts and elegant paintings for a warmer touch of oriental theme. You can find a lot of companies that can provide you with great designs for bedrooms or kitchens Perth.


Cottage style bedroom


If you love to retreat in a cottage style bedroom, you have the opportunity to create a cozy cottage style in a few simple steps. Firstly, you should consider the pieces of furniture and the materials in the room and you should focus on wood, in its genuine form. You should see the knots in furniture, the wood grain in the planks, you should feel the rough textures in the space. In order to obtain the cozy feel, you can dress the space up with fabrics. Light colors create warmth while a pattern can add a bit more interest to the space. It is important to try to bring nature indoor and the best way to do this is by using light airy window treatments. Mixing antiques and vintage furnishings with newer addition is a real challenge but experimenting it is fun. Key to obtain a genuine cottage style bedroom is to blend old and new and to balance the scale and patterns of various furnishings. Although this style evokes pastel colors, you can make a bold statement and use vivid colors to energize the space.