Use personalized ribbon for your next Christmas decorations

on 10-30-2017

Use personalized ribbon for your next Christmas decorations

Christmas represents a time of the year that combines perfectly excitement, joy and…stress. Some people just cannot handle the pressure of shopping, decorating, planning and organizing amazing parties that will remain in guests’ memory until the next year. For this particular reason, they cannot find the time to enjoy this wonderful celebration because they are extremely busy running around to complete their mission. If you feel overwhelmed by all the activities before Christmas, we have the solution for you: start earlier. If you manage to finish a part of the tasks earlier than you anticipated, you will no longer experience the pressure and you could start relaxing more. Here are some quick and simple decorating ideas that will make your home stand out and they only require a single element: personalized ribbon. In addition, using ribbons for Christmas decorations will help you save money and give endless options to play with.

Simple Christmas decorations

When it comes to embellishing the interiors of your home, you have two options: you can add ribbon in various areas to already existing items or you can handmade decorative elements to create unique pieces. In the first case, all you need to do is attach various ribbons to chairs, pillows, candles and wreaths. For the staircase, you can make a combination of greenery, ornaments, pinecones and red ribbons. If your pillows are white, feel free to use any texture and color in terms of ribbons, such as pink organza, green silk or red lace. Candles might require a little more effort because you have to gather several clear jars or glass vases, put a small candle inside each one and wrap it with long and colorful ribbon but it is worth it because they look perfect on the table in the evening. Moreover, it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

DIY decorations

In the second case, you have to push your imagination to great extents in order to come up with original ideas that will differentiate your Christmas decorations from others. However, you should not worry because we are going to give you some tips. If you have a chandelier, you can hang pinecones with ribbons and if you want to go a step further, you can paint the pinecones in silver or gold for an elegant and luxurious vibe. Another idea is to create a big bow with many loops and attach it to the front door. Choose an interesting pattern in order to captivate people’s attention.