Use ribbon creatively and enhance common items in your home

on 10-30-2017

Use ribbon creatively and enhance common items in your home

Undoubtedly, ribbon represents a versatile and inexpensive decorative element. Because you have the opportunity to choose between a wide range of materials, colors, patterns and sizes, you can practically use them for any type of DIY project. If you are passionate with sewing, it means that you have acquired knowledge and experience over the years and you are able to apply various techniques in order to obtain unique elements or just embellish common items already existent in your home. On the other hand, even if you do not dispose of such talents, you can approach easy fixes and still manage to make a visible difference in terms of style and decorations. As long as you put your imagination to the test and let your creativity flow, nothing represents an obstacle, except not having basic tools and supplies. However, you should not worry because has everything you need.


Ribbon jars

If you have some jars forgotten in the kitchen cabinets or in the storage closet, then you should make use of them and embellish your home décor. The process is quite simple but making decisions is hard because you have a multitude of possibilities available. First, you can wrap the jars with burlap and gingham ribbon then add flowers and place them in different areas of the house in order to sense the sweet fragrance. Secondly, you can wrap the clear jars with satin, organza or lace ribbon and place candles inside each one. Once again, you can spread them around the house and light them in the evenings for a warm atmosphere.

White ribbon wands

If you wish to add a fanciful touch to your home without having to engage in complicated practices, you can create lace ribbon wands. You just need wood dowels, lace ribbon and glue to obtain an eye-catching decorative element. Use the glue to attach white ribbon strips at one end of each wood dowel, along with a little bell or a flower, or simply tie them in case you forgot to purchase the glue. Be careful, white ribbon wands might become the new favorite toy of any little girl so if you have children or guests, they will not resist the temptation of playing with them.

These two ideas are extremely simple and fast but you have other interesting and challenging options including making a ribbon cushion, decorating tea towels or bed linen, making accessories from scratch using ribbon and even enhancing clothes. Truly, when it comes to ribbons, you can start a multitude of DIY projects.