What to do to receive unemployment benefits – France edition

on 5-12-2017

What to do to receive unemployment benefits – France edition

According to the latest studies, the unemployment rate in France at the end of 2016 was of 9.6%. The government in this country is always looking for different solutions to reduce this rate and to help people get employed. However, not everyone is aware of the steps they need to follow in order to receive unemployment benefits, so below you have a very useful guide you should pay attention to.


Go and register with Pôle emploi

The first and most important step you have to make the moment you lose your job and start looking for another one is to go to the nearest Pôle employ, register to it and express your job search intentions and interests. Keep in mind that you have to do so within the first twelve months from the day you become unemployed. You will have to register online in the beginning by completing a short questionnaire. It is also recommended you print a copy of it and, what is more important, to renew this registration each month until you find a job. In case you are not a French citizen, you will have to register to a qualified institution for transfer of rights purposes.

Prove that you are eligible

It is worth mentioning that not everyone living in France is entitled to receive allocations chomage 93. Those who benefit from a monthly salary are eligible to these benefits. Pôle emploi is the institution that establishes the conditions that people interested in claiming these benefits have to meet. Do your research well and check to see if you meet these criteria.

Then, file your claim

Once you have established that you are eligible for unemployment benefits in France, it is time to file a claim. This is quite a straightforward action and you can opt for either completing it online or call the job centre free of charge on their number. You will be put in contact with an adviser who will guide you throughout this process and will offer you more details on what you should do to sharpen and improve your job search skills. Know that you can get all this information even if you are still in employment.

Ensure you take all your documents with you

There will be an interview day at some point, when it is mandatory you bring all important documents with you. These papers will make verification an easier and time-saving process and will hasten the process. Birth certificate, driving license or marriage certificate are only some examples of documents that must not miss from your file on the interview day.

Submit your application ASAP

Specialists strongly advise unemployed individuals to submit their claim applications as soon as possible, because this process usually takes time. You can find more information on the submission on the Pôle emploi website if you want, or if it is more convenient to you, go to the agency and drop the claim personally.

Attend review meetings

Every once in a while, expect for the adviser to establish some review meetings with you to enhance your job search skills and help you find a suitable job. If you do not attend these meetings or if you fail cooperating with the adviser, chances for you to find a job significantly lower.